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TV product performance

On an average day in 2008, characterised by the considerable growth of the digital satellite and terrestrial offering, the Rai Group consolidates its share of the market, showing an increase of 0.10% on its average daily share, compared with drop of -1.07% recorded by Mediaset.
This result is due to the good performance of RaiDue (+0.20% share), partly attributable to the Beijing Olympics, and also to the doubling of viewing figures recorded by Rai's digital networks ('Rai Digitale'), which have shot up from a share of 0.40% in 2007 to 0.82% in 2008.
These results offset the 0.51% decline of RaiUno, accompanied by the stability of
the market share held by RaiTre (-0.01%).
The positive performance of Rai Digitale is mainly influenced by the launch of the new digital channel Rai 4, but the good viewing figures of the renewed Rai Sport Piu` recorded during the 2008 Olympics should not be overlooked.
This makes Rai Italy's third digital broadcaster, after Sky and Fox and before important competitors such as Disney, Turner, Discovery Channel and Viacom.

In more general terms, viewing figures for digital channels are occupying more and more space in the increasingly crowded and aggressive competitive scenario: excluding the Rai channels, 'Satellite TV' as a whole has increased its share by +0.58% compared with 2007, while 'Other Terrestrial TV' (local TV and DTT) have
grown by 0.28%.

The Rai Group maintains the same result as last year for Prime Time (+0.01%).
This result is based on the same factors highlighted for the average day: the
decline by RaiUno (-0.61%) and, to a lesser extent, RaiTre (-0.09%), is offset by
the good performance of RaiDue (+0.42%) and Rai Digitale (+0.29%).

The market share of the Mediaset Group has dropped (-1.09%), to the benefit of the 'Satellite TVs' (+0.47% share), 'Other terrestrial TVs' (+0.30%) and La 7 (+0.32%).

RAI: Rai Radio Televisione Italiana